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The most important addition to Clinton County in the late twentieth century was the Plattsburgh Air Force Base (1956). The region lost 7,000 jobs when the base closed in 1995, but the Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corporation (PARC) formed to promote business redevelopment of the 5,000-acre base. Everything was readily available to make the base a spearhead for economic resurgence: the new Plattsburgh International Airport, the main north-south rail line with two spurs and a turnaround, and 165 parcels available for sale under Economic Development Zone incentives. In twelve years, PARC successfully sold 88% of the parcels, and the base was transformed into a live neighborhood housing 60 tenants in aerospace, rail transport, composites, market research, manufacturing, warehousing, high tech engineering, pharmaceuticals and health care. The city provides street maintenance and utilities and negotiated low hydroelectric rates, and received in return a beach, golf course, and docks; an obsolete military base became a vibrant, living city neighborhood.. Situated within a state designated Economic Development Zone and a Foreign Trade Zone, these businesses benefit from additional tax, trade and tariff incentives.

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