Baum Site 25: The Second Engagement

A stone monument with bronze plaque, located west of the Battlefield on Route 67, marks where Stark and Warner encountered Breymann in what is considered the second engagement of the Battle of Bennington. Breymann arrived too late to reinforce Baum, and found himself and his contingent of 500 men faced with over 3,000 Rebel militiamen. He was quickly routed back the way he came.


Latitude: 42.924468 Longitude: -73.32332 Elevation: 472 ft
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Andrew Alberti



Sounds like a lot of this was taken from Richard Ketchum’s 1997 book on the Battle of Saratoga--which I just finished reading. This is not meant to be a criticism--the book is very good!

Jon Inners, 3/12/2015

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