Biscuit's Bakery Mural

Located at the corner of Oak and Main St. at a local business called "Biscuit's Bakery," this mural is part of an on-going community revitalization project in Corinth, NY.  The owner of the building, Mr. Ron Tefft, gave Sher's Studio permission to create the mural, which includes a painted store front and sign facing Main St., and the work was completed by Sher of Sher's Studio, local residents and nine student artists that participated in a mini-course approved by the Corinth Central School District.   Many of Ron's customers had input so the final mural included a farm, cows and a deer walking onto the scene.  Everyone who worked on the mural got to sign as an artist, and it was completed November 14, 2011.

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Latitude: 43.2414845 Longitude: -73.8300481 Elevation: 654 ft
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Stop by for breakfast at Biscuit's Bakery and view this community revitalization project which started with a white block wall, 49' long and 15' high and two windows.  It is 1/2 mile south on Main St. from the junction of the 9N and Main St. traffic light.

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The first community revitalization mural was the Corinth Gateway Mural Project located at 8 Mallory Street across from Corinth's "The Barn".  During the summer season this is the place to go for music, food and relaxation.  It is across from Corinth's beach.

Suggested Further Reading

Glens Falls, NY, newspaper The Post Star, June 5, 2011, page 1, Section C, "More Than a Mural" by Drew Kerr and The Post Star, and October 24, 2011, Sec. B, by Dave Canfield.  The mural project is mentioned again by Supervisor Richard B. Lucia in his "State of the Town, Corinth, NY,  January 5, 2012, article in the Pennysaver News. 



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