DaCy Meadow Farm

More than just a farm. DaCy Meadow Farm can be best explained by focusing on its three unique areas.

70+ acres home to our Heritage Livestock:
Heritage Cattle - Dexter, Scottish Highland and Belted Galloways
Heritage breed Pigs

Natural Meat Store

Natural Meats available for sale at DaCy Meadow Farm. Grass-fed beef and pork for sale.

Local, pasture-raised, natural meat

DaCy Meadow Farm now has a  selection of USDA inspected beef and pork for sale. All of our products are packaged in family-sized portions and are ready for your freezer. At DaCy Meadow Farm we raise our livestock with these goals in mind :

Healthy    -  Our herd of heritage cattle and pigs are pasture-raised and are hormone and antibiotic free. We follow sound biosecurity  procedures and use only organic fertilizer on our pastures and meadows.

Humane -  We pride ourselves on our herd management practices. Our cattle and pigs are raised in a low stress  environment. Daily pasture moves, integrated pest management practices, shelter, shade, clean water, and frequent human contact mean that our cattle are comfortable at all times. This enhances the quality of our product, but more importantly it’s the right thing to do.

Heritage - All of our cattle and pigs are British heritage breeds. Heritage livestock are traditional breeds that have developed traits over many generations that keep them healthy and hardy in a variety of environments. We raise heritage livestock as a commitment to maintaining genetic diversity in our food supply and because it’s fun.

 We believe that the reestablishment of a local, healthy food network is one of the most important and exciting movements in our country today.  Farmers who are also your neighbors know that to succeed they need to make your concerns and well-being a priority as important as profit. We want our customers to visit, meet our happy, healthy, heritage cattle,  and then enjoy the health benefits and flavor sensation of natural beef. Call today.               
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Latitude: 44.197391 Longitude: -73.48393 Elevation: 419 ft
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What Is Distinctive And Authentic To The Character Of The Region

We consider ourselves very lucky to have been raised by large extended families in farm communities during a time when life seemed less rushed and more purposeful.  In 2003, we purchased 72 acres in Westport, New York with a vision of starting a farm and enjoying a retirement while sharing the wonders of rural life with others.



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