Dam and Walkway at Lake George Outlet at Ticonderoga

See and walk beside a key point along a major waterway -- where the water from Lake George flows into Lake Champlain, Located at the intersection of Alexandria and Lord Howe streets in downtown Ticonderoga, the gates of this dam are operated by a hydro-electric power plant under the direction of the Lake George Park Commission and the State of New York.  The operation of this single dam controls the lake level in all of Lake George.

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Latitude: 43.836267 Longitude: -73.431109 Elevation: 324 ft

Distance And Terrain

The walkway is less than 1/4 mile long on level terrain.  It is just a small part of the much longer La Chute River trail system.

Identify And Describe The Management Organization

Pride of Ticonderoga.  Pride of Ticonderoga is a nonprofit organization established in 1984 for the purpose of connecting and enhancing the community through housing rehabilitation, downtown revitalization, historic preservation and community development.



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What level (depth) of water is impounded by the dam between its current average level and its historical level?

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