Elizabeth Lee, Outdoor Guide

Go inside the map.  Hike, paddle and ski to destinations with moderate elevation, rich biodiversity and great views. See the sights that make the Champlain Valley and the Adirondacks legendary.  Take your children on adventures they will remember.  Relive experiences that you remember from your own childhood. 

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Latitude: 44.188028 Longitude: -73.4362006 Elevation: 122 ft
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Elizabeth Lee

Company Providing the Experience

Elizabeth Lee, Outdoor Guide

Special Skills and Anticipated Activity Level

No special skills or season limit enjoyment of the outdoors.  Trips can be designed according to the skill, interest and convenience of the adventurer.

Appropriate Ages for Experience

All ages.

Overnight Arrangements

Stay in a local B & B or one of the area hotels if you like a shower and a bed.  Stay in a local campground or backcountry campsite if you prefer outdoor living.


Fees are dependent on group size and trip length. Call or email for rates.

How this tour or guided trip is distinctive and authentic to character of the region

I grew up on land in Westport that has been in my family since the 1830's.  I've explored most corners of the Champlain Valley.  I specialize in wildlife tracking and the natural history of the area and know the forest as a guide, a naturalist and a photographer.  The Split Rock Wild Forest is my neighborhood wilderness.

Additional Notes

Many outdoor locations are not ADA accessible but I will work with families or individuals to plan trips that are accessible to physically challenged adventurers.

Pets are welcome on trips subject to state land use regulations and safety considerations.

ADA Accessible


Tour or Trip is Children Friendly


Tour or Trip is Pet Friendly



Just a question maybe you can help me or who can.I was trying to get up to NorthPond and there was a truck blocking the trail up in their.The young man said he owns North Pond and no one is allowed up there.My family have been going up there for over 50 years.As far as I know it is a reservor can you let me know if this is still public access or not.Thank You

Diana Stevenson, 3/4/2012

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