Lakes to Locks Passage Geotourism

The Geotourism project will create a co-branded Lakes to Locks Passage and National Geographic Geotourism Mapguide website, designed to promote “Geotourism:” tourism that contributes to the economic health of communities by enhancing the geographical character of a place -- its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage and the well-being of its residents.  Lake to Locks Passage will provide training workshops and develop geotourism products to deliver the experience along the byway, as well as develop a strategy to sustain the program and measure its effectiveness.

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Andrew Alberti


I first met Drew aout 5 years ago. Excited to be adding an new Lake Champlain annual event, now in its second year! Lakes-to-Locks Passage, GeoTourism and Trekonderoga in Ticonderoga.

Gary Evans, 5/15/2016

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