River Forks Trail


  • 0.0 R onto John Fountain Rd. at Jay Village Green. Park to covered bridge.
  • 0.2 R on Mill Hill Rd.
  • 0.4 L on Stickney Bridge Rd.
  • 2.8 R onto Green St. at intersection of Stickney Bridge Rd. and Green St.
  • 5.1 L onto Grove Rd.
  • 8.2 R on Rolling Mill Hill Rd. crossing bridge over
  • Ausable River to East Forge St. and downtown Ausable Forks.
  • 8.3 L onto Rt. 9N to return to Jay.
  • 8.4 Bear R, remaining on Rt. 9N.
  • 13.2 Jay Village Green.


Latitude: 44.37737 Longitude: -73.718005 Elevation: 640 ft
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Andrew Alberti

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