The Batten Kill Itinerary

An Itinerary on the Alfred Z. Solomon Cultural Heritage Trail

Wooded terrain, rolling waters, high mountains, and bountiful harvests, all await the outdoor enthusiast along the Batten Kill. This river flows through the scenic landscape of Washington County before reaching the Hudson River, north of the village of Schuylerville. Log mills, gristmills, and flax mills once dotted this landscape, utilizing the Batten Kill for waterpower. Today, anglers, hikers, kayakers, tubers, and nature lovers visit Washington County for its plentiful trout, scenic vistas and historic villages set among the agricultural landscape. Farm stands and markets are plentiful, offering locally produced fruits, vegetables, maple syrup, honey, meat, and much more. The following itinerary will connect the many things there are to see and do along the Batten Kill, with a special focus on simple living. Immerse yourself in an outdoor experience with friends, family, outdoor fun, and farm-fresh food.

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Latitude: 43.0993535 Longitude: -73.5774136 Elevation: 88 ft
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Best Times to Go

Summer or Early Fall

What You Should Know Before You Go

Remember when you are talking to the locals, "kill" is translated as river in Dutch. Therefore, it is grammatically redundant to call it the "Battenkill River."

Outdoor Cooking Tips

For many camping lovers, cooking outdoors is a vital part of the "roughing it" experience. Whether you are cooking beef, chicken, fish, pork, vegetables, or even tofu, a great way to plan for your trip is stashing a couple of small jars of homemade marinade. It is easy, and it beats bringing a portable spice rack.

A marinade has three essential elements: acid, oil, and flavoring or aromatics. The basic composition is one part acid, and two parts oil. Examples of an acid would be vinegar, wine, citrus, or even tomato.

Marinades are like condiments, rubs, and sauces -- they can be mixed and matched for a variety of applications. The proportions and ratio are all dependent on personal taste, and portion. Marinate the meats in refrigerator or cooler 4-24 hours before grilling, and salt and pepper before applying to grill. Never reuse the marinade.

What About this Experience is Distinctive or Authentic to the Character of the Region?

The advantage of camping in the Battenkill Valley is the availability of meats and produce fresh from the growers. Farm fresh goods not only taste better because they are able to maintain most of their nutrients, but freshly grown foods will also stay longer. For a true taste of Washington County, visit the Washington County Cornell Cooperative Extension website and see their Farm Fresh Guide for a database of local retailers. Save time and energy from packing an extra cooler, and use the linked Farm Fresh Guide to purchase your goods while you travel to any number of destinations. No matter what direction you are coming from, there will be plenty of farm retailers on the way!

Fees (if any)

Check the fee schedule for individual sites and attractions.

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