The Flatlander

This loop takes the rider on a short loop through the cornfields of Beekmantown and Chazy and involves almost no climbing. The route also passes by Point au Roche State Park, free to cyclists, which has a day use area, swimming beach, hiking and mountain biking trails which end at three separate rocky points projecting into Lake Champlain, paved bike path, and a nature center.

The route begins at the Point au Roche State Boat Launch on Cemetery Road and passes a stand of roadside sugar maples on Stratton Hill Road. After crossing the Northway the route leaves the cornfields and crosses through woodlands and pastures climbing a very slight grade. There is a grocery store and restaurant in West Chazy. Spellman Road leads past Beekmantown School and Beekmantown Town Hall before recrossing the Northway. Taking a left on Point au Roche Road and taking it back to the boat launch parking lot, you will pass the state park and nature center along the way.


  • 0.0 Boat launch. R on Cemetery Road.
  • 1.8 R on Lakeshore Road.
  • 3.9 L on Reynolds Road.
  • 5.6 Cross U.S. Route 9.
  • 5.7 L on Ingraham Road.
  • 5.8 R on Stratton Hill Road.
  • 6.5 Stratton Hill Road turns left. Cross Northway.
  • 9.2 Straight on Fisk Road.
  • 9.8 L onto NY Route 22 at flashing light.
  • 13.3 L onto Spellman Road.
  • 15.9 Re-cross Northway on overpass.
  • 16.6 R on U.S. Route 9 at flashing light.
  • 17.0 L on Point au Roche Road.
  • 18.6 Entrance to Point au Roche State Park.
  • 19.9 Point au Roche Road turns left at Marina.
  • 21.0 L on Cemetery Road.
  • 21.1 Point au Roche boat launch parking lot.


Latitude: 44.802654 Longitude: -73.364523 Elevation: 99 ft
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