The Richards Library

Chartered in 1901 to serve the communities of Warrensburg and Thurman NY.   The Richards sisters donated their many wonderful possessions to be displayed within the Library.  In 2005 the Library began an addition to provide the communities with a meeting room and extended area for computer use.  It is a beautiful stone building showing the wonderful design of public buildings at the turn of the 20th century.

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Latitude: 43.4942538 Longitude: -73.7737995 Elevation: 719 ft
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Identify And Describe The Management Organization

The Library is not a public library but rather an association governed by a volunteer Board of Trustee.  The Library employs one full time director and 3 part time assistants.  The Library is opened daily at 10am and is opened two evenings  It is closed on most holidays.

About This Building And Site

Solid stone main building which houses the entire Library collection from juvenile to adults.  It has a lovely sweeping lawn which begins at the edge of Elm Street  and along the edge of Library Avenue.  This past year the Library has planted 7 elm trees.  The elms in the area were killed out by dutch elm disease and it is only recently a disease resistant elm has been successful.  The Library is hoping the elms will thrive as they once did along Elm Street

Lending Policy

With a library card a patron has access to the Southern Adirondack Library System as well as the Mohawk Library System and the library itself.  These systems network some 52 library within the region.  The director can find a library within the system immediately and your request is processed.  Deliveries are scheduled through out the week.

Season And Hours Open

Year around

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ADA Accessible


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Site is Child-friendly


Site is Pet-friendly



With the completion of the addition, Richards Library now meets the ADA specification by providing a floor to floor elevator as well two totally accessible bathrooms.

Susan M. Jennings, 11/11/2013

Richards Library's new director is Michael Sullivan. The phone number has remained the same however the fax number is now different 518-623-2426

Susan M. Jennings, 11/3/2014

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