Turning Point Trail: The 1777 Campaign of Major General John Burgoyne

An Itinerary on the Alfred Z. Solomon Cultural Heritage Trail

Follow in the footsteps of charismatic General John Burgoyne, whose fateful decisions led to the turning point of the American Revolution. It’s a story of battles, ambushes, smoldering ambitions, disastrous miscommunication, fierce allegiance, true love, venomous snakes, and narrow escapes—all with courteous gentlemanly conduct. 

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Latitude: 43.8439369 Longitude: -73.3881569 Elevation: 159 ft
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Best Times to Go

Summer and Early Fall. You can explore the trail anytime, but several destinations are only open between Memorial Day (Last Monday of May)  and Labor Day (First Monday of September).

What You Should Know Before You Go

There are two ways to travel the Turning Point Trail:

Use the Lakes to Locks PassagePort web and mobile responsive website with extended content as well as streaming and downloadable audio content. Click here.

The Waterways of War: Turning Point of the American Revolution guidebook is available for purchase or download. Click here or the image below.


Waterways of War: Turning Point

What About this Experience is Distinctive or Authentic to the Character of the Region?

General Burgoyne, like his predecessors, recognized the significance of the Lakes to Locks Passage as a vital nerve connecting the reinforced British outposts in Canada to the heart of the American Colonies.

Fees (if any)

Check the fee schedule for individual sites and attractions.

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