Water's Edge Trail

  • 0.0 R out of Grand Union parking lot in Ausable Forks onto Rt. 9N.
  • 11.3 Enter Keeseville, continue to traffic light.
  • 11.5 At traffic light at four corners, turn L onto Rt. 22 to return to Ausable Forks.
  • 11.9 R onto Grove St. at top of hill (no sign but across from Elementary School - becomes Chasm Rd.)
  • 13.6 Straight on Chasm Rd past apple orchard.
  • 14.0 L at stop intersection onto Arthur Rd.
  • 14.6 Straight through Rt. 22 intersection.
  • 16.2 R at stop intersection onto Union Rd.
  • 16.3 At next intersection, turn L onto Harkness Rd.
  • 18.6 Through intersection onto Clintonville Rd.
  • 22.2 Stay straight onto Dry Bridge Rd.
  • 25.2 Bear L onto Golf Course Rd.
  • 27.2 Through stop intersection to downtown Ausable Forks.
  • 27.3 Grand Union parking lot.

Alternate Route to Port Kent Ferry

  • 11.5 At traffic light at four corners, turn R onto Rt. 22 to downtown Keeseville.
  • 13.5 R onto Rt. 373.
  • 16.7 Port Kent ferry dock to Burlington, VT and Amtrak stop.


Latitude: 44.440554 Longitude: -73.676372 Elevation: 557 ft
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