Whitehall Mini-Vacation

These popular excursions are considered by many to be the best mini-vacations in the
northeast. The trip is available as either a day trip, one way or as an overnight, two ways. We offer a  variety of ways to make this unique excursion fit your budget: you may choose to dine on your
own or choose a one way package from Saratoga to Whitehall or Whitehall to Saratoga. Included in the one way packages is the opportunity to take our shuttle for the return or arrange your own transportation.

Our full service package includes the round trip boat ride, Conti-Breakfast and lunch on board both days, dinner in one of the local restaurants with a spectacular view of the water, along with your room at a very nice local hotel.

We sail north on Saturday and return south on Sunday. Departure time is at 9AM. We  sail under 19 bridges, some only with inches to spare and through 5 canal locks. Sailing time is approximately 6 and a half hours. The distance we travel is over 35 miles through some of the most remote canal stretches in New York State. Enjoy unspoiled scenery and plenty of wildlife. We include a delicious and plentiful continental style breakfast and lunch on board during the sail up on Saturday and for the return trip on Sunday. Plus, a few well-timed surprises along the way!


Latitude: 43.113305 Longitude: -73.578905 Elevation: 99 ft


Host or Sponsoring Group for Experience

Mohawk Maiden Cruises LLC.

Special Skills or Activity Level to be Expected


Appropriate Ages for Experience


Overnight Arrangements (if required)

Overnight accommodations available as package.

How this Experience is Distinctive and Authentic to the Character of the Region

Explore the beauty and history of the Champlain Canal by water.

ADA Accessible


Tour is Pet Friendly


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