Willsborough Visitor Center

The Willsborough Visitors Center is a multipurpose interpretive visitors center on Main Street in Willsboro. Located on the property where the firehouse and town hall once stood, the name of the building is derived from an antiquated spelling that was changed to Willsboro in 1905.

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Latitude: 44.361545 Longitude: -73.39143 Elevation: 155 ft
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What Communities Does This Facility Serve

Town of Willsboro

What Are The Stories Told In This Facility

Among the information that accompanies the displays is a description of Willsborough as a "howling wilderness more than 100 miles from any Christian settlement."

Visitors are informed of local attractions, such as the Adsit Log Cabin, Noblewood Park, bike routes and the 1812 Homestead. Nearby communities, including Essex and Keeseville, are also promoted.

The back patio, overlooking the Boquet River, is open at all times for visitors and local citizens to relax and have a picnic lunch. Willsboro is the oldest town in the county, established by William Gilliland in 1765. The hamlet grew up around the waterfall where first a sawmill, then a gristmill, and eventually a papermill drew power from the Boquet River.

What Are The “Don’t Miss” Experiences In This Community

Willsboro Heritage Center and Museum

Noblewood Park

Adsit Log Cabit

Champlain Area Trails

Lake Champlain Bikeways

Season And Hours Open

The vestibule and the rest-room facilities are always open, while the interior is currently scheduled from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.,



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Site is Child-friendly


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