Guidebooks & Videos

Below is a selection of  brochures, guidebooks, and videos that will help you explore the Lakes to Locks Passage.

Adirondack Coast Bikeways

This PDF guide describes 14 routes on paved and unpaved country roads in Essex County, New York.


A Crease in the Landscape: Perspectives on the Working Landscape and Slate Valley of Lakes to Locks Passage

Millions of years ago, as these mountain ranges took shape on continental North America, a narrow band of slate, nearly 80 miles long...


Bicycling along the Richelieu River

This guide contains spectacular two and four day self-guided bike tours, with route map, Points of Interest, services and amenities.


Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America

Samuel de Champlain is known as the “Father of French America,” the founder of Québec, a brave explorer, expert cartographer...


From Forest to Fields: A History of Agriculture in New York's Champlain Valley

From Forest to Fields leads the visitors through the working landscape in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Warren and Washington Counties in upstate New...


Guide to the Lake City: A Walking Tour of Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh is a vibrant city on the lake. Download this convenient walking guide to the city.


The Narrows

An interpretive  guide for boaters. The Narrows of Lake Champlain embraces all chapters of Lake Champlain’s history.


Nature's Frolic Hour: Appreciating Lake George

The spectacular scenery of Lake George taught Americans what it meant to be part of a new nation, brim-full of beauty and promise.


Northern Adirondack Coast Bikeways

The PDF guide highlights 7 loops along the Lake Champlain bikeways network


Northern Reaches of Lake Champlain: An Interpretive Guide to the Borderlands of Lakes to Locks Passage

This book highlights the history, culture, and beauty of the lakeshore communities in Clinton County, New York.


Relishing our Resources: Along Lake Champlain in Essex County, New York

Ancient cycles of plate tectonics and a sequence of ice ages gave birth to the present landscape. What you will find in the western Champlain...


The Forgotten War: The Struggle for North America

FORGOTTEN WAR: Struggle for North America tells the little-known story of how the native people of North America controlled the outcome...


Waterways of War: A traveler's guide to the French & Indian War forts and battlefields along America's Byways in New York and Pennsylvania

The super-powers of the 18th century -- France and Great Britain -- contested for empire and the destiny of North America along a strategic...


Waterways of War: The War of 1812

In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, discover the historic events that helped shape a young American nation during its...


Waterways of War: Turning Point of the American Revolution

The third in Lakes to Locks Passage's series of guides to battlefield and museums, Waterway of War: Turning Point of the American Revolution...